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Getting EMC2 in LinuxCNC working with the TB6560

This helped me out. Screenshots!
Screenshot-EMC2 Stepper Mill Configuration

The first part that got me started was this, the parallel port setup. Copy the settings in the image here and you should be ok to start you may need to check the radio button next to the X,Y, or Z direction to switch the direction that your axis moves.
The second part is setting up each of the motors if your motors are all the same model, then you are good, if not then then you will have to make sure you lookup the number of steps your motors have and the degrees of each step. One silly little trick is one full revolution is 360 degrees, so if your stepper motor is a 200 step then divide 360 by the number of steps to get the degrees. a typical  stepper motor might be a 200 step so: 200 / 360 = 1.8 degrees and the inverse if you know the degrees but not the amount of steps then: 360 / 1.8 = 200 steps. So if you have a 200 step motor then put 200 in the box marked motor steps per revolution.

Screenshot-EMC2 Stepper Mill Configuration-1

I don’t recommend micro stepping on this board leave it at 1.0 unless you know what your doing. If you are using lead-screws or threaded rods connected directly to the stepper then set the pulley teeth at 1.0 to 1.0 next the leadscrew pitch should be set to how many full turns it would take to make a nut move 1 inch down the rod so:      if you are using 1/4×20 threaded rod 20 is 20 threads per inch so basically 20 turns per inch so put 20.0 there. The maximum velocity is how fast you want this axis to go in inches per second. At this point you may want to click the test axis and see what you think but be careful and don’t slam an axis in to the side! the maximum acceleration can really make a machine clunky or smooth depending on how you set it. Play this one by ear as well and hit that test axis button. Slower acceleration can provide a kind of damping effect and really smooth your machine out by gradually speeding up while moving rather slamming into full speed each move.
The next thing to set here is the table home location and travel. If you have set it up like mine so far than yo will have 5.75 inches of table travel from back to front, back being 0.0 or home location and front being 5.75 for this axis.

that should be enough to get you started in EMC2 more tips are on the way !

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