New Plans!

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This time I set out to build a CNC machine on my desktop that would actually Mill something. The frame is now built from half inch outdoor plywood and the slides are made with 8 mm chromed steel rod and ride on linear bearings. All the electronic parts required come from eBay. I use 3 NEMA 17 stepper motors and the same TB 6560 CNC controller. The spindle is a $25 dollar Dremel knock off from Sams-club. It came with a cable drive attachment also , BONUS!



PVCNC I accepted a challenge to try and make a CNC machine out of cheap readily available components from the local hardware store. My first thoughts were use plywood. Its cheap, and easy to work with and I had seen others use drawer slides for the linear rails but these where at least $20 a pair. As I wandered the aisles of said hardware store looking for my answer I came across the plumbing aisle. The miles of PVC pipe sparked an idea in my head. I said to myself aha! Challenge accepted!
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